Using Door Hangers to Grow Your Lawn Service Business

Using Door Hangers to Grow Your Lawn Service Business

Originate is almost here and many of our regular Concord lawn care users are getting ready to distribute door hangers in their local familiarized. Door Hanger Advertising is a great method to use for raising your lawn care business. If you are considering door hanger distribution, here are a few things you should consider.

1- Divide Your Current market Into Groups

Group A: Homes in the neighborhood of which already have a lawn service. Within this group are:

Users that are happy with their lawn service
Customers that are frustrated with their lawn service
Customers that consider their property service “just ok”, or nothing special
Group T: Homes that do not have a lawn service. Within this collection are:
Potential customers that think they can’t afford a lawn service
Potential customers that no longer want to mow their own yard due to age or health
Potential customers that might need treatment done occasionally
2 – Create A Special Offer For Each Group
When designing a special offer, be aggressive. It is hard to get potential customers to convert their habits. Whether you are trying to get them to fire their present-day lawn company and hire yours, or to stop doing the work themselves, you have got to give them a strong enough incentive to get these folks out of their “comfort zone”.

Here is an example of a strong deliver that has been used successfully by lawn services. Headline aid “NEW CUSTOMER INVITATION: FREE LAWN SERVICE! Details around smaller type – Pay For 2 Cuts At Your Regular Low Price and Your 3rd Cut Is FREE! in

That works out to be a 33% discount on the first some cuts. After 3 cuts, if they like your work, you might have created a regular customer.

Do not make the mistake of evaluating the particular success of your door hanger advertising campaign by considering exclusively the first purchase a customer makes. Look at the lifetime value of complaintant.

Remember that the purpose of your door hanger is to generate a direct. You’ve still got to make the sale. So be prepared. Answer the phone survive if you can and if you must use a recorded message, let the owner know that you will return the call quickly (the quicker typically the better).

Don’t worry about having the lowest prices and do not have annoyed if the prospect seems to focus on price. The reason a lot of callers start off with price questions is because they don’t find out enough about the lawn service business to ask other problems. So , be prepared to defend your prices by describing right after between you and your competitors.

When you give a price, look for a reaction with the prospect. Some potential clients may be embarrassed to question your individual prices. This is a “hidden objection” that you can dispose of by treating it head on. For example you might say, “if you are shopping for amount, you will find that the rates of most of the qualified lawn services companies in town are within a few dollars of each many other. We not the highest or the lowest, however our assistance is way above average. Here’s why… ”

Keep close track of which offers are working best and then fine tune your door hanger before subscriber again. Door Hanger Advertising is an on-going process. You should distribute, track response, fine tune and then distribute again. In a short time your response rates will become predictable and your business shall be growing along the way.