The Lowdown On Juice Fasting

The Lowdown On Juice Fasting

The concept of a “juice fasting” can bring to mind a lot of different associations from people. Some might think of an insane, extremist gimmick or a regimented diet for quick weight loss. Others might visualize fasting as a wonderful and abundant healing tool, while other people might already be fasting regularly or working up to just one, or including it as a part of their spiritual practice.

This is the thing: juice fasting can be all of these things. It just is dependent upon what context it’s used in, the intention and cause of it, and the way it is done and the attitude this accompanies it.

I have zero interest in or support to get faddy diets and programs that will only serve to get away from the individual undertaking it with little or no education on the practice (usually because it is not at all good for the body! ), that encourage short term regimes that may get you surface level results in the temporary but certainly not lasting results, that don’t give you approaches and support for how to maintain results you feel great in relation to long term, and that disregard the emotional aspect of healing, growth and self improvement. Not to mention that they are very often just downright bad for your health!

Juice fasting, however , if undertaken in the suitable context and for the right reasons, can be an incredible tool to receive the health results (and spiritual connection) you are after. Im here going to share with you some base information about juice fasting and exactly how you can incorporate it into your life if it feels right for you.

Exactly what is juice fasting?

It is a certain period of time when all you take other than liquids such as water and herbal teas is virtues of fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Some people also have strained vegetable broth when vape juice deal fasting. Just as important is what you are NOT having when fasting, and that’s any solid foods at all, or any essential fluids which will tax the body such as coffee, caffeinated teas, dairy products, soda, pasteurised juice, blended smoothies, protein powder compact, diet drinks and so on.

Why juice and what types of liquid?

By juicing your fruits and vegetables you are extracting the fibre from them and just drinking the liquid with all its organically grown hydration, nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. Although we do need fibre in our diets, going for a certain period of time without fiber and without putting in offensive foods and liquids, you give your body a chance to spend less energy on digestion. A big amount of energy is spent on the digestion of anything you consume every day and rarely are people giving themselves a break from digestion to spend energy on other things, including going deeper into cleansing the body and drawing up previous acidic waste that is likely causing a whole host of symptoms through being there. Do you suffer from headaches, constipation, diarrhea, body troubles, fatigue, irritability, excess weight, bloating or any other range of symptoms, then your body needs some help to cleanse along with the intelligent application of fasting is a brilliant way of doing so.

Typically these symptoms also indicate there is an overgrowth of yeast systems, which feed off sugar and the acidic waste matter that is definitely sitting in the body. If the yeast get fed, they increase, grow quickly and symptoms will continue to get worse over time as well as new ones will often pop up also as the body turns into more and more defenceless against the opportunistic yeast. Even though fruits undoubtedly are a wonderful food for the body and provide massive amounts of nutrient, alkalinity, hydration, enzymes and energy, they are still healthy sugars, which means they will also feed yeast. For this reason, you should always take care when fasting to not over consume fruit juices. You will also come across if you overdo the fruit juices that your energy may soak and soar a bit all over the place! Not so fun when you are looking to give your body rest and calm so it can do it has the healing magic!