Tattoo Removal Methods

Tattoo Removal Methods


Each tattoo is exceptional in its own use including detail and colors of ink. Thus, the removal methods have to be adapted to suit individual requirements.

This eveness permits the operator to utilize techniques that eliminate wider areas of skin that is inked in precisely the exact same depth.

Professional Lips tattoo la created with a number of the more recent inks and pale colors might be hard to eliminate completely. Homemade tattoos are frequently implemented with an irregular hand and are often easier to eliminate.

Up until lately, there have been a number of procedures of tattoo removal such as excision (complex surgical removal), dermabrasion (inefficient), IPL (inconsistent) and the crimson or red light laser (harmful and inconclusive).

These methods have generally just traded the tattoo to get a substantial scar. There’s currently a new approach to eliminate tattoos with no high risks associated with these methods.

The Master Q change YAG Laser in several cases may safely eliminate tattoos of the majority of colors.

Rest assured that the Master Q change YAG is TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) accepted and has been used for several years in Australia.

The Master Q change YAG laser. A genuine breakthrough in tattoo removal technologies!

The treatment is fast, with minimal distress. The sensation of this laser beam passing across the skin was likened the flicking of a hair brush onto epidermis.

The Master Q change YAG laser operates by removing the tattoo ink with the power of light. The pigment divides into smaller granules and can be eliminated by the body’s natural filtering method.

The elderly the tattoo, the more remedies which could be critical.

Various colors and much more complex designs might also need additional treatments.

Pigmented lesions may often need several treatments (each 4 to 6 months) for total elimination, based on their size, color and location.


An Vitamin E lotion is applied to the region since there could be some redness and scabbing after the process.

Care has to be taken not to scrub or rub skin. The treated area will settle over a time period to (maybe) a few months based on the dimensions and therapy administered.

Several weeks after the process, the ink particles which were broken down from the Master Q switch laser, will be disposed of from the body. A slow improvement will be detected over the forthcoming months. In the event of pigmented lesions there’s also a slow fading of color as the broken pigment is spread.