Real Estate For Sale In Imbassai – Great Location And Excellent Prices

Real Estate For Sale In Imbassai – Great Location And Excellent Prices

Imbassai, a charming and peaceful village located near Praia do Forte likely offers one of the best investment opportunities on the Coconut Coast. The coastal village, which is approximately 65 kilometers from Salvador airport includes many of the very same benefits that Praia do Forte provides, except that it is more peaceful and prices are considerably lower.

Imbassai has another advantage in that the evolution is very carefully planned. Real estate available in Imbassai mostly offers flats, homes, hotels and undeveloped property.

The place has a rainforest and ecotourism reserve, and a long beautiful stretch of sandy shore. The carefully planned development and undervalued land prices imply that the location is very likely to see significant appreciation in real estate prices in the next few decades.

Overview Of The gated community plots in Bangalore For Sale In Imbassai

Imbassai offers both apartments and homes. Prices of apartments start from R$150,000 and will go around R$550,000. An typical apartment is likely to cost about R$370,000. Houses are priced between R$330,000 and R$1,220,000. The purchase price of an ordinary house will be approximately R$715,000.

Farmhouses and commercial real estate such as spaces for shops and outlets are also occasionally available. You will find hotels in distinct sizes priced between R$450,000 and R$3,500,000. The typical price of a hotel will probably be approximately R$1,695,000.

At Imbassai, with the right budget you can readily purchase land since there are lots of plots and tracts of property on offer. Leaving out the exceptionally high expensive offerings, an typical plot of land is very likely to cost about R$475,000. The range starts from about R$150,000 and can go up to R$2,000,000. Land that is very large in size and suitable for large commercial applications can be available at much higher costs.


Apartments can be divided into three ranges. The cheapest range priced below R$300,000 includes one bedroom apartments with parking in nice condos located in the village. The condo may provide a pool, garden and some other leisure facilities. Round the clock security is generally offered.

In this range you’ll receive far better places and larger two bedroom flats with maybe 1 bundle. You can expect about 80 to 120 sq. meters of built-up location. Condos can be found near the beach, close to the green line or near the sea. It is also possible to expect security, swimming pool, garden, parking, gym, barbecue, laundry, etc. as part of the typical facilities.

Apartments in luxury condos and upmarket gated communities close to the environmental reserve or close to the shores will cost above R$375,000. You can expect completely furnished apartments with three suites, air conditioning, laundry area, central heating and parking. Other attributes like garden, pool, playground, employee quarters, center, concierge, ballroom, etc. will soon be available in most condos.

The homes in the lowest cost range will price up to R$500,000. These homes of 150 to 250 sq. yards are built on plots of about 1000 meters. Based on the price you can expect you to three bedrooms or suites. You’ll also get some additional features like a small garden, kennel, garage and a service area.

Mid-range houses costing between R$500,000 to R$1,000,000 are located in quiet regions of the village or at condos close to the beach. You’ll get a few bedrooms or suites in those houses with 140 to 400 sq. meters of built area. You are also very likely to get a pool, well-designed large garden and parking facility. Houses located in condos give round the clock security and amenities like celebration area, employee quarters, barbecue area, lockers, open showers, tennis courts, fitness center, indoor sauna and games.

The upmarket houses are priced over R$1,000,000 and are often located in luxury condos near the reserve or between the reserve and the village. It is possible to expect fully furnished homes with four suites, high quality pool, large landscaped garden, playground and even more features than what is offered in the lower ranges. You will get about 280 to 550 sq. yards of constructed area on plots of up to 1250 sq. meters.