Natural Perfumes Are Part of Your Natural Lifestyle

Natural Perfumes Are Part of Your Natural Lifestyle

Looking for natural essential oil aromas to Boost your natural health and beauty lifestyle? I agree that one’s individual scent identity should be in balance with our dedication to a green economy and sustainable living. Life-affirming beauty starts with us, in the home, and most notably within our own romantic zone–just one to three feet. Most botanicals mix well together, just as they grow well together in their indigenous habitat. I specialize in mixing these very unique and anciently sacred botanicals into natural aromas that smell different on every woman, man and adolescent who wears them, and they evolve slowly and differently on all us. You may want to try blending two or more all organic aromas together. Different combinations for different seasons, occasions or moods.

Support and enhance your sustainable lifestyle and your wellbeing with Patchouli, Jasmine, Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Myrrh. All these are wondrously healthful and spiritually inspiring scents, authentic gifts of Mother Nature! Wear them to your Self! And wear them to inspire and exalt those very close to you. Natural perfume oils remain close to your body. Everybody in the room doesn’t have to learn how you smell.

Enhance your life and your beauty with amazing perfumes from character each day of this week, on intimate occasions, and at play and work. You can create your own personal scent individuality by mixing and matching several together by layering them as you apply them. Here is a suggestion from this pedidos natura, put a different natural odor or mix in various places in your body or hair, simply to keep things interesting. It is an excellent way to lovingly wake your Self and your partner from winter’s hibernation!

It makes sense to align your green footprint with your use of natural skin care products. And these days, it is not that hard to do. Even in these hard and radical times, the botanical scent trade continues to flourish through family and tribal trade routes and connections. Methods of production are ancient and contemporary, and should you think of the labour and knowledge, and the thousands of years that have gone into perfecting the art of perfumery, the cost is still economical.

Natural cologne sprays and oils would be the favorite and the kindest way to go They are seldom tested on animals and result in minimal reactivity in humans. Especially people with asthma, chemical sensitivities, COPD, etc., and also our children who can be quite negatively affected by toxins and neurotoxins. Natural scents are wonderful presents for teachers of young children with this reason. Aphrodisiacs, anciently, have been sought from Nature. All these are often beauty remedies in addition to bringers of love and compassion. Partner with Mother Nature and you’ll smell like a breath of fresh air. Keep it healthy! Keep it natural!