Mobile GPS Navigation Systems

Mobile GPS Navigation Systems


Just imagine harnessing the ability of over 24 satellites circling the world to give you precise positioning and navigational information with your mobile traceur gps miniature navigational apparatus.

A GPS or even a Global Positioning System device in a mobile package is a useful instrument packaged with a vast array of functions which could get you to your destination by street of feet employing the very best and safest paths out there.

The technology supporting GPS systems is over ten decades but it’s not waned in popularity. Actually, an increasing number of consumers are getting a flavor of what this system may give them with cheaper portable GPS units. As an increasing number of features are being improved and added to mobile GPS units out there on the current market, it is possible to find more performance on your unit which goes beyond its core purpose as a navigational apparatus – and they continue adding more!

Whether you are a mobile GPS device an individual or an entrepreneur intending to do business reselling these specific apparatus, it is to your additional benefit if you get accustomed to the numerous features and functions available.

Understanding these functions will be able to help you determine which GPS device to purchase for your own usage, or enhance your marketplace viability by emphasizing the very best of what your mobile GPS units can perform.


Waypoints can be regarded as landmarks determined by the GPS navigation program. You might even mark specific spots along a path that will assist you recall a particular place like a branch in the road, a construction, a camp site, or another place that you find helpful for future visits to this location. You may name these waypoints in accordance with your taste and add it to present point already saved on your GPS unit.

Some industrial mobile GPS program offering junction imaging purposes wherein a photo or picture is used to represent a turnoff and allow you to choose whether to take the flip or not.

Comparable to junction imaging, lane aids features provide picture or graphic representation to assist drivers in determining which lane to shoot.

Commercial and proprietary GPS applications can have listed items known as Point of Interest which passengers or drivers may discover interesting. These places may also indicate areas which could be helpful when traveling like gas stations, bathrooms, restaurants, hospitals and tourist attractions.


Among the most fundamental navigational purposes of all if not all of GPS applications is your path, which informs you the quickest, quickest and safest path for your destination. These course points are pre-programmed to the GPS program, or delegated by the user.

More advanced business GPS applications and apparatus provide intelligent path planning features which can help you plan the best route from the starting point and several planned destinations. This attribute believes websites you will pass, turnoffs, runarounds, and real road conditions along your path.

Voice advice is similar to your GPS unit speaking to you and inform you where you’re at this very moment. The human-like voice may tell you significant waypoints or points of attention in accordance with your route plan for you to a destination as fast as precise as you can – without needing you to glance in your GPS display whilst driving.

Advanced GPS applications use at least four visible satellites to provide you a three-dimensional perspective of your GPS position fix. Information you will get not only contains your coordinates but also your altitude too.

Some GPS devices provide wireless connectivity with Bluetooth technologies to let you earn hands-free mobile calls on enabled GPS units.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Mobile GPS devices are able to allow you to join and get internet access through its own connectivity attributes.

eBook Reader

Your GPS reader may proceed beyond its core purpose as a navigational device by clipping as a eBook reader, letting you read books and files saved in pdf format.

Media Player

Bored while hiking or driving? Your mobile GPS device is able to help you pass the time via its own media player function which lets you play with, watch and listen to multimedia documents saved in a variety of formats like MP4, WMA or AVI to list a couple.


Windows-based GPS software may have cellular data synchronization between your mobile GPS device along with your computer, enabling you to maintain your jobs, calendars, emails and other information in sync.


Garmin GPS devices have a proprietary feature named Trackback that converts your track log to a path that you may use to return to your starting place with precision.