Guided Meditations for Opening the Third Eye

Guided Meditations for Opening the Third Eye

Ajna chakra and head chakra are considered as the third observation while performing third eye meditation techniques. Third eyeball mediation method is one of the guided meditations that help in encountering peace and relaxation in life. All in all, different guided mediations are accredited to experience the self-realization (self-actualization) stages in life to get knowing wisdom, ESP and intuition towards life. Led meditation third eye opening improves your intuition strength, enhances the psychic power, assures good health and well being and also builds focus towards life in a positive way.

3 rd eye is said to be an eye that has a connection with your soul that will directs your future goals and path in an affirmative approach. Guided third eye opening posture helps you in beginning your third eye, which is very spiritual in characteristics.

Performing third eye opening meditation technique:

It is quite simple to follow this guided meditation technique at home. You can sit combination legged on the floor or against a wall by slowly but surely aligning the spine to the back of your head. Thereafter, you must remain straight (erect posture) and in this posture bit by bit raise your chin upwards. Maintaining this posture pertaining to five minutes with deep breathing can really bring out relaxation. Hence, Guided meditation third eye opening is quite easy to execute without any visual display.

Benefits of third eye guided deep breathing techniques:

There are various benefits of performing Guided meditation third eye activation opening like improved memory power, good concentration power, solid will power, good blood circulation, sharpened intuitive power, good sense regarding wisdom, good health signs and optimism. Moreover, it helps inside relieving stress of your life by making you experience relaxation in a much healthier way. Spending just 20 minutes of your day about this natural exercise posture can benefit your health with improved protection power and blood pressure rate.

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