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Find Sports

Looking for a sport for me

As well as a large number of local clubs you can be a part of and facilities you can use there are also national organisations which showcase sport for young people like Sport England. There are also state funding programmes like the National Lottery which can give kids an opportunity to develop their sport. This section concentrates on these organizations. Almost all of them will be able to put you in touch with a local organization. This section also includes information on being a spectator and supporter.

Nearly all people’s experience of playing sport begins at school, either inside playground at break time or in games courses. Some people love school sport and go on to play in their spare time. For others it is a weekly chore and the sooner it can be over the better.

If you never really liked sport at classes you probably wont feel very enthusiastic about taking it up later. But sport activity is a very broad term and just because you had a bad time doing cross country at school doesn’t mean you simply won’t enjoy archery or rollerblading for example. Perhaps you’re just not so good at running but you might have a really steady supply for snooker!

Some of the most popular sports are easy to play with little equipment The most important thing about sport is being able to participate in the item. The more you play the better you get. You may find that you want to learn in a team and compete with others and this is the position when your sport gets more serious and questions about devices, access to facilities and travel costs become more important.

Sport activity is also a great way of getting to meet people. If you’re stuck in your house or feeling lonely, joining a sport club can give you reason to meet new people. In the section on different activities we’ve included information on how much it costs to play the adventure, where to go for a local contact and what kind of opportunities you will discover for disabled people.

Where can I play sport?

All of local authority leisure departments provide sports facilities within their area. The Government has introduced new Sport Action Zones to reinforce community sports across England. The programme is intended in order to for 10 years. Call your local authority to find out what is available for you locally.

You don’t have to play sport in a sports hall as well as recreation centre, kicking a ball in the park, jogging the dog or practising yoga at home are all beneficial physical games. You and a group of friends may like to form your individual football team, running group or perhaps even a Frisbee concern team! All of these activities can be enjoyed informally. If you want more details about any sporting activity, contact one of the sports enterprises in our listing.

Are you getting enough exercise?

The Health Knowledge Authority (now the Health Development Agency) published a very practical leaflet called “Getting Active – Feeling Fit”. Often the guide encourages you to make exercise part of your once a week routine. They have the following advice for young people:

“When occur to be young, it’s easy to think that you don’t need to bother exercising. But it’s important to keep active to keep yourself in good shape. Not only will you appearance and feel better but you’ll be less likely to store up health problems money. ”

The leaflet suggested you do some or the many following:
-Join a local leisure centre;
-If there is a special sport you enjoy, make enquiries with your local sports heart to see if there is a club you can join;
-If you prefer unique activities, try cycling, walking or jogging. You may learn someone who would like to train with you;
-There may be discounts on the market to young people in your area. Find out from the local council if schemes in this way operate in your area;
-Don’t forget dancing… A night for the dance floor can use up as much energy as a full exercise routine!