Expenses of Your First Apartment

Expenses of Your First Apartment

Choosing an Apartment

Majority of students in college, live in the dorms their freshman year. When they feel like they have big-boy leg protection on, an apartment is usually to come by sophomore year. What do I just look for when renting my premier appartement? What is the cost of utilities? Will I be Joan River’s neighbor? I will think again all of this in my article.

Your First Place

When renting initial apartment, there are a lot of important factors that you need to consider. How much is rent? Will the landlord cover any utilities? Are a washer/dryer included in-unit? Do I get a balcony/patio? Does the property allow pets? Do they offer button that instantly summons a group of strippers to my favorite door? Yes, it can be overwhelming at times but , you need to take your time and gain information on what you’re getting yourself into. Depending on the quantity of roommates you have and the lavishness of the complex, rent is often anywhere from $200 per/mo to $800 per/mo. Most individuals do not have the luxury of being picky when deciding their first place. We can only afford so much.

Lets say that you rent payments a place for approx. $400 per/mo, utilities not included. What are the most familiar utilities that a landlord expects the tenant(s) to pay?

Electricity- Depending on your area, size of apartment, and electrical needs, this will likely run from $40 per/mo to upwards of $100 per/mo. I doubt you will get up to $100 in an apartment, should you not are powering meth lab.

Water- I have never wanted to pay water at my apartment complexes. The landlord always insured this cost. However , in my area, the average water charge for a 1-2 bedroom apartment is $50-60 per/mo.

Cable/Internet- Easily the most costly utility (that’s why the tenant pays). Out of four possible cable/internet plans with my provider, I have the second highest. I pay about $110-$125 per/mo for this. My subscription gets me 200 some routes with about 100 or so being HD. I also have decent internet connection with 20 GB per/mo.

Trash- Subject to your local trash company, this runs anywhere from $15 per/mo to $40 per/mo.

These are your 4 basic programs needed for living. That being said, if your rent is $400 per/mo, and no utilities are included – expect to pay upwards of $700 per/mo after everything is said and done. Holistic rule of thumb for budgeting is that your income should be 3x which your living expenses. This will insure that you live comfortably plus without hassle. Now, I know many of you college boys and girls do not have this type of income BUT , that is where student loans and may even mom & dad come into play.